Waroeng Mie Lela

Came to this place..

Called waroeng mie Lela

A cozy place at Rancakendal, Cigadung, near Dago Atas area.

Waroeng mie Lela becoming one of favorite food destination in Bandung. Many foodies coming there at the weekend.

They came from various area in Bandung and also from Jakarta, mostly they came to waroeng mie Lela to eat the mie bakso while enjoying the different atmosphere. Cozy place to relax and hang out with friends or family.

Yes, waroeng mie Lela sells mie bakso as her main course. Which is everyone’s favorite. And my favorite is mie yamin manis komplit.


Mie bakso Yamin manis ala Wale

Beside mie bakso, waroeng Lela also provide another foods and drinks like nasi lidah (ox-tongue rice), this one is best seller too, sup ayam (chicken soup), pisang goreng (fried banana), singkong goreng (fried cassava) etcetra.


This is Rempah madu, a warm traditional drink by Wale

The Unique Concept Of Waroeng Mie Lela

Eating mie bakso at waroeng mie Lela gives us some new experiences, because the ambience of waroeng mie Lela is rarely unique.

Separated in two different building, one area is higher (semi outdoor joglo area) and another one in the main house (lower area).


Taking picture with Bu Lela (wearing eye glasses) while visiting waroeng Mie Lela Dago

Most of the interior design are made by wood, looks traditional but in a modern way. It  gives a warm ambience.


Traditional furniture Javanese style at Wale


One of instagramable spot at Waroeng Mie Lela

These days, eating with family and friends not about the food anymore but also the place. The more unique and the more instagramable, some food destination can attract more visitors (read : foodies).


Customer can watch the activities in the Lela’s kitchen


Wale the acronim of waroeng mie Lela – the popular name between foodies


The drinks corner

For your information

Waroeng Lela served a mushola area, but in front of waroeng mie Lela, there’s a nice mosque, so moslem can pray there.

And recently waroeng Lela open new store named waroeng Gati, served traditional Sundanese menu, and located between waroeng Lela and Congo café.

Cant wait to visit waroeng Gati soon.

Waroeng Mie Lela

Jl. Kupa no 6, Rancakendal, Dago Atas, Bandung

Open daily : 09.00 am – 21.00 pm